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Caroline Orset

Caroline Orset

Maître de conférences

UMR INRA-AgroParisTech Économie publique, 16, rue Claude Bernard, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France

Tél.: 01 44 08 72 74
Fax: 01 44 08 16 63


Curriculum vitae

Publications récentes – Revues à comité de lecture

Jacob, J., & Orset, C. (2022). Coping with Private Lobbies in Industrial and Product Safety Regulation: A Literature Survey. International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics, 16(2), 171-227.

Orset, C. (2021). Is information a good policy instrument to influence the energy behaviour of households?. Energy Economics, 102, 105451.

Bramoullé, Y., & Orset, C. (2020). Manufacturing doubt: how firms exploit scientific uncertainty to shape regulation. In A Research Agenda for Environmental Economics. Edward Elgar Publishing.

De Gavelle, E., Leroy, P., Perrimon, M., Huneau, J. F., Sirot, V., Orset, C., ... & Mariotti, F. (2020). Modeled gradual changes in protein intake to increase nutrient adequacy lead to greater sustainability when systematically targeting an increase in the share of plant protein. Climatic Change, 161(1), 129-149.

Orset, C., & Monnier, M. (2020). How do lobbies and NGOs try to influence dietary behaviour?. Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, 101(1), 47-66.

Orset, C. (2019). How do travellers respond to health and environmental policies to reduce air pollution?. Ecological Economics, 156, 68-82.

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Orset, C. (2018). People’s perception and cost-effectiveness of home confinement during an influenza pandemic: evidence from the French case. The European Journal of Health Economics, 19(9), 1335-1350.

De Gavelle, E., Leroy, P., Perrimon, M., Huneau, J. F., Orset, C., Fouillet, H., ... & Mariotti, F. (2018). Modifier les apports protéiques pour améliorer l’adéquation nutritionnelle en visant systématiquement ou non davantage de protéines végétales: impacts sur la durabilité. In Journées Francophones de Nutrition.

De Gavelle, E., Perrimon, M., Leroy, P., Huneau, J. F., Orset, C., Soler, L. G., & Mariotti, F. (2018). Modifying protein food intakes for a better nutrient adequacy of the diet with or without a systematic substitution for more plant protein foods: impacts on sustainability. In Nutrition 2018.



Intérêts de recherche

Microéconomie, théorie de la décision, théorie des jeux Économie du risque, de l'incertitude, de l'information et de l'assurance

Économie de la santé et du développement